• How to recieve info on UTM snow closures

    Message from the Dean of Student Affairs, Mark Overton: In severe weather, UTM has a number of options for students to learn about campus-wide cancellation of courses or a ‘closure’ of the campus (noting that police and most residence-related… Read More »
  • Join our Marketing Team!

    Do you love designing? Or perhaps want to learn how to use Photoshop? How about telling other people about an event that's coming up? If you want the chance of a lifetime to: Design posters for Residence Council Learn Photoshop Promote RC… Read More »
  • Halloween Haunt!

    Halloween Haunt (Wonderland) Original Price + Transportation: $40 ----- Subsidized pricing: Residence Students $30 NON- Residence $35 ----- Are you READY? For an exciting journey to Wonderland and overcome YOUR fear? The Residence… Read More »
  • Caution: Noise Disturbance Fine!

    Peel Police and the City of Mississauga are stepping up their enforcement on nuisance noise violations, particularly around 3061 Sir John’s Homestead based on the large number of complaints received by the City and Police regarding that… Read More »
  • Enivornment Olympics

    Information about the event: When:Oct 7th and Oct 14th from 1-3 pm.Where: Meet up place is at Roy Ivor Lobby Why: Networking Opportunities with amazing professors and your fellow students. Come out and have fun while making a… Read More »
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