Elections and Referendum

Welcome to the Residence Council Executive Election Page. Here is are some information regarding the Residence Council:
Our Mission

  • The University of Toronto at Mississauga Residence Council is an elected representative body committed to the enrichment of the quality of life of all Residence students.

What We Do

  • to work as an autonomous political body to promote the interest of students as residents on the UTM campus;
  • to promote the integration of first-year and upper-year students into the academic and social life of UTM and the Mississauga community;
  • to facilitate an open line of communication with other existing student governments and attempt to develop a cohesive relationship to help initiate and coordinate campus wide activities;
  • to encourage cultural, educational, social, personal development, equity, inclusion, and diversity of residence students and to create or provide opportunities for leadership at UTM;
  • to aid, if appropriate, in coordinating specific local residence activities initiated by residence students (e.g. RLS members);
  • to provide a training ground for the development of leadership and interpersonal skills for those active in Residence student government and;
  • to use all available methods to disseminate information pertinent to residence students and ensure all constituents are well informed on issues that affect them

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To apply, please pick up a application form from the Residence Life Desk or the Residence Council Table during our shift from 12:00pm to 1:30pm and 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

  • Oversee each VP position, provide support and feedback, maintain oversight for inter-council/collaboration and overall success of Residence Council.
  • External relations, collaboration and negotiation with university administration/executives, faculty (teach staff), and other university staff.
  • Partnerships and collaboration, networking on behalf of the council amongst student leaders across a diverse array of clubs and societies. Including SHRL, Student Life, Student Affairs, student governments, and many other student groups.
  • Provide motivation and inspiration to the council, encourage teamwork, and create the council atmosphere.
  • Finance responsibility. Work with VP Finance to develop annual budget and collaborate with Executive Director to complete annual audit.


  • Professionalism
  • Management
  • Ability to create teamwork and foster leadership
  • Presentation  & Communication Skills

There are currently 6 Vice-Presidents in the Residence Council, 5 Elected in March, 1 in October:

VP Administration/Human Resources

  • organize agendas and compose meeting minutes on weekly basis
  • communicate with conference booking center, residence booking, classroom technology center, and any administration and staff if needed
  •  take attendance and ensure the member’s presence at daily’s tabling and council meeting

VP Residence Life

  • in charge of organizing small scale events These events will take place either on campus or off-campus. Some events that have been hosted in the past are: Nightmare on Residence Road, De-stressors, Karaoke, Candy Grams, and Valentine’s day flower, nutrition day etc.
  •  We also take in consideration of possible event ideas from residence students! Your input is very important to us!. As Residence council, we would like to help you get to know your fellow peers and neighbors to make this a second home for you!

VP Social

  • You are in charge of running one large scale event (48 persons or more) once a month
  • Some events that have been held in the past are: Halloween Haunt (wonderland), Paintball, Bowling, Skating, Niagara and The Amazing Races.

VP Finance/Sponsorship

  • Monitor the budget and reconcile bank account as well as revenue and expense makes up an important part of this exciting job. The high responsibility associated with this job also brings the fun part: you design your own internal control system to make the council work. For those who take an interesting in accounting, this is the position to go for. You get hands-on experience to do the actual accounting and there’s lots of room for creativity.
  • The other fun part is to get sponsorship for council events. From talking to various industrial professionals, you can really look into improving your communication and interpersonal skills. You also get to demonstrate your leadership by leading a team of associates. It is a very challenging yet extremely rewarding job.

VP Environment/Community Connection

  • Raise money for different causes through casual events such as Hockey Night in Residence and hosting World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine to increase the awareness of children hungriness in Africa.
  • If you are a small environmentalist who wants to make a difference, this is the way to go! This position is incredibly fun and rewarding. You get lots of room for designing and creating your own events, big or small, fun or educational. There are pretty much nothing that you can’t do, there are only things that you can’t think of. So let your imagination run wild and play within the range.
  • You will see yourself coordinating all kinds of environmental events, e.g. the EnvirOlympics event series, EnvirOlympics Conference, clothes donating and tree planting, to the most detail. Intensive coordination will bring you good time and people management skills. It also gives you enormous networking opportunities with school faculty and industrial professionals. You also get to run your own team
  • What’s really important in this role is a strong drive en dedication. Not everybody is interested in bring environmental and green, and that’s when you have to believe in yourself  and that you can make a difference.

VP Marketing [1st Year Student, Elected in October]

  • To create, design, and promote all events created from the UTM RC to residence students.
  • Create, integrate, and innovate new methods of advertisement.
  • Listen, hear and reflect on comments and criticisms given by student body.
  • Outreach to other student services groups with their promotion within residence so that students may have the available resources that they deserve to know.
  • Provide a consistent UTM Residence Council influence within residence communities so that information can be passed to students effectively and efficiently.
  • Knowledgeable in marketing, design, communication methods, and promotion techniques. You must be skilled in at least one photo editing software
  • Able to devote at least 10 hours every week to the Residence Council.

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